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embroidered personalized clothing

Tired of bunched up embroidered logos? Thread quality and digitizing both play a factor. A light fabric backing behind the logo ensures a longer logo life.

No matter who you are: large corporation, sports club, national association, small business or simply an individual looking for a unique family reunion solution- we are more than happy to cater for your custom embroidery requirements for workwear, leisurewear or promotional items.

We specialize in golf polo shirts, sweatshirts, and golf caps to name but a few. More specialized items include towels and golf bags... whatever you need, however big or small, just ask.

Some customers may prefer to supply their own garments - We only embroider items purchased at CEOgolfshop.com. Exceptions may be made for our larger corporate clients when accompanied by another order.


Despite what most people think, to embroider a design, take your logo image, press a few buttons on the computer and sew a perfect replica of the original. In fact the DIGITIZING process can take many hours of sweat, tears and coffee. True, a logo is scanned our provided for our computer, but is used purely as a background image on the screen. The long stitch building process can then begin.

We archive your file to embroider any number of garments in the future. However, we may have to make changes to accomodate different materials you embroider.

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