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 Custom Golf bags

The most popular custom golf bags are for colleges and special events. Super Bowl and celebrity classics are events that people take pride in having attended and like to show off they were there. A custom golf bag is not just having your logo embroidered on the pocket. Golf bag customization details:

Personalization: This is the simplest customizing- just add your name or initials. For my own bag, I added a little twist and simply put CEOgolfshop.com.

This bag is being phased out. Get them while you can, because this is a great carry bag!!

PHOTO: Aficionado IV golf stand bag. Manufactured by Club Glove.

personalized golf bagpersonalized golf bag name

Add your embroidered logo: This is best for employee gifts and incentive programs. Always consider the recipient when putting your logo on a gift. If you are an NFL team, any fan would want it. If you are a pharmaceutical company, would the recipient feel the same?

The lowest cost solution is to add your logo to a standard bag, with standard logo location. Here's a neat feature- on certain golf bags, we put your logo on a removable velcro pocket. That way, the bag owner can leave the logo on, or take it off.

Other options are multiple embroidery locations-often referred to as billboard advertising on a golf bag. If you were to sponsor a tour player, you'd choose a bag like this.

PHOTO: undoecorated Billboard bag. For single unit orders, choose from the stock bag colors only. Manufactured by Club Glove.



custom cart bag custom billboard bag

Partial bag customizing: Choose an existing golf bag design, and customize from a supplied set of fabric colors.

PHOTO: Custom Limited Edition Stand bag. Manufactured by Club Glove.

custom color golf stand bag

Total custom golf bag: The entire bag is designed to your specifications. Working with a renowned golf bag designer, we'll help you create the memorable masterpiece you are seeking.

One-of-a-kind bags with custom color materials and zippers start at over $2000 for the first unit.

PHOTO: Custom golf bag for Ryder Cup. Manufactured by Club Glove.

custom golf bag



Our brands: For logo embroidery and personalization, we offer top brands including Titleist, Nike and Club Glove. For custom golf bags, we recommend Club Glove, the preferred bag of tour players.

There are no minimums on customizing your golf bags, although there are obviously economies of scale when you buy more.

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