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Windbrella - there's nothing quite like it!

Windbrella golf umbrella photoIt has the #1 patented double canopy system. It is constructed from the finest materials and lastest technology. The patented double mesh system allows the wind to pass through preventing inversion of the canopies. From the moment you press the patented Auto-Open Pinch-Less button and feel the smooth glide of your umbrella opening, you know it's something special.

We offer these purchasing options:

  • Single umbrella's - retail
  • Custom logo umbrella's- no minimum
  • Factory custom logo umbrella's- from 144 units
  • Wholesale private label umbrella's to the trade and resorts- from 144 units

Some examples of best sellers:

Windrella 62" auto open golf umbrella
Windbrella™ Golf Umbrellas- WIND-TUFF™ Fashion Umbrella
Georgetown Folder™ - SOLARTECK™ Umbrella
Patio Umbrella- SOLARTECK™ Beach Umbrella

Promotional umbrellas are or specialty. Available with Free logo imprinting from $28, minimum order 72.

"Over the last 25 years, I've had a lot of umbrella's. I lived in London and witnessed the streets littered with broken umbrella after a downpour. I've had them blown inside out. I've had what I thought were pretty decent umbrellas. But never until I owned a Windbrella did I understand the difference between a 'good' umbrella and a 'performance' umbrella." Christine Speedy, CEO, CEOgolfshop.com

"I played golf in 2004 on the day a hurricane was barrelling down on the opposite Florida coast. It was pretty breezy and with gusts of 35-45 mph + at the time. I pulled out my umbrella which promptly blew inside out. After getting it back together, the next gust was stronger, and my full size golf umbrella was reduced to pieces. Thankfully my golf partner had a Windbrella. Our only challenge was holding on until we could get back to the clubhouse. The Windbrella is awesome!" M Sanders, Naples, FL

windbrella double canopy umbrella

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